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November 1-14, 2021 Charleston, SC, Porchfest, and marina friends

 Nov 1
We had given Lilly a gift certificate to have her nails done for her birthday on Oct 30.  Her parents were working and trying to get the boat ready to leave, so I took her to the salon.  She knew the options and what she wanted.  I learned a lot.  


coffin cut


Time with my girlfriends

Daily walk with a stop at the Yellow Deli
lunch with girlfriends


November ladies luncheon

November 5-6.
Dave, Pete and I went to Charleston for a Celtic festival this weekend.  We left Brunswick, GA Friday after Pete got off of work.  We made it to North Charleston in time to meet with a Rapid City friend of ours.  Katie Simonyak was there for a teacher’s conference.  She had posted on Facebook that she was in Charleston.  We were actually heading to North Charleston for the festival and found a room within blocks of where she was staying.  Katie had gone to the same high school and college as Pete, and they knew each other through music.  Later, Katie was my choir director in Rapid City.  It was great hearing all about her life and two children.  Small world.

Peter, Katie Simonyak, Mary

On Saturday, we headed to the Celtic festival.  After we parked and were walking to the fest grounds, we kept meeting people going the opposite direction.  We finally asked someone if we were going the right way and found out the festival had been cancelled.  The fest grounds were located on Cooper River.  There were very high winds and flooding that caused them to cancel the event after a tent was blown over.  





We decided to head to downtown Charleston for the day.  Peter had never been there before.  We googled places that would have live music.  We found a place with blue grass music and enjoyed a couple drinks there.  It was fun to sit at the bar and watch the bartender put on a show.


Next, we took the free city bus to an Irish pub we were familiar with.  We had a great late lunch and a couple of beers.  Dave, our designated driver, drove us back to Brunswick that night.  Pete had to work the next day.  It wasn’t the weekend we had planned, but it was fun for Pete to see Charleston.  


Nov 10

The marina always has fun activities for us.  Today was a chili cook off.   We had about 16 chili's to try and had people vote.  Some people brought side dishes or fixings.  Fun night.


Nov 14
The city of Brunswick sponsors a Porch Fest in the fall.  There are about 15 porches in the historic district of Brunswick that offer their porches for musicians to perform.  On most of the porches, the musicians change every hour between 12:00 and 5:00 pm.  Then there is a final concert at the headquarters.  There are food trucks and beverage carts in the neighborhood.  

Pete and I went to their second fest in 2019 shortly after he moved here.  They didn’t have one last year.  This year, Pete performed on one of the porches!  Many of our marina friends and a few from my church came to listen to him, besides others from the community.  The owners of the house wanted Pete to continue after his hour.  They loved him.


It was a beautiful afternoon to wander and listen to other musicians.  Our cousin, John Zeller from Ohio, was working in GA again.  He even joined us for a while.

Porchfest head quarters

Dancing in the street

Final porch performance

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