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July 13-31, 2021 AC problem, International dinner, dinghy drifts, Dave's birthday

 7-13 Tuesday was a lazy day unpacking.  We had a nice dinner with Pete at our favorite BBQ restaurant, Willie Jewel’s.
7-14. We were glad we hung on to the rental car for a few more days.  We discovered about 8:00pm that our air conditioning wasn’t working.  Dave couldn’t flush the raw water filter from the inside to get it working again.  That meant he would have to get in the water and check from the outside.  So, we decided to get a room for the night.  We called the Best Western we had stayed at in March and headed there about 9:30.  When we arrived, there were other people checking in.  And then their computer system went down.  The front desk lady was frustrated, would hit the computer, and tell us there was nothing she could do.  After about 20 minutes of this, I said “so we’re all just going to sleep in your lobby tonight?”.  Luckily, we had made our reservation over the phone and not online.  So we gave her our info and asked her to be sure we wouldn’t be charged for the room.  We left and drove across the street to a Quality Inn that wasn’t really “quality”, but we had a bed and air conditioning.  
7-15 Thursday.  Back at the boat, the control panel showed a fault or error that the AC wasn’t getting enough coolant water to the system.  Dave used a snorkel and checked the through hull from the under side of the boat.  The AC has to draw water in through the through hull to work.  In the past, a plastic grocery bag was stuck over the hole.  That didn’t seem to be the problem, so he went back inside and checked out the entire system.  He checked all sources of water to the AC.  At the inside end of the thru hull, Dave took off the shut off valve and very little water was flowing into the boat through the thru hull.  So he went back in the water (snorkel only, no hookah system for breathing).  There is a screen at the hull surface to stop crud from entering the thru hull.  Dave had to put a tool up through the screen and found a piece of plastic beyond the screen.  That was it!!  It was flapping open and closed to stop the water.  He was able to get a hold of it and pull it out.  He used some of his reserve air to giggle underwater.  

7-16  We had a fun dinner with boating friends on our dock this evening.  Margaret and Bill were so nice to check on our boat while we were gone.  And they are always willing to give us a ride to pick up or drop off a rental car.  And they let me tag along when they buy groceries.
While Dave was working on the air conditioning yesterday, I went shopping for our dinner.  
We had bought some of the items at Jungle Jim’s in Ohio and wanted to have an international meal. We started with charcuterie of pâté, cheese, fish, meats, nuts, pears, crackers and picked foods.  The main course included a Greek salad, duck confit (from a can), roasted vegetable, and bread.  For dessert, we had berries with cream.  We enjoyed pastis-Pernod with ice and water and a German white wine.  Margaret and Bill are Canadian, so they loved the French theme.


Bill and Margaret


Mary and Bill enjoying pastis

7-21 We enjoyed another dinghy ride to Marshside grill.  Pete was able to join us this time.  The pieces of the Golden Ray sunken cargo ship are always interesting to see up close.  I can only imagine what the floor of the inlet looks like where the ship was when they made these cuts into the ship.  The pieces were welded to barges and taken to Louisiana for salvage.

the channel leaving the marina



7-23 We also enjoyed a dingy drift with other boaters for the full moon.


just a cool yard decoration I saw on a walk

July 31 was Dave’s 66th birthday.  That doesn’t seem possible.  We had a birthday breakfast with our dock mates.  We made caramel rolls, Connechuh sausage, and brought cherries.  Someone brought up a coffee maker and coffee.  Someone else provided bloody Mary’s.  Great time with friends.

old people taking photos including the thumb

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