Thursday, March 17, 2022

December 9-11, 2022 MN to Eureka Springs, Arkansas

 Dec 9 Thursday
It was about noon before we left, which allowed some traffic to warm up the roads.  It was a good thing we waited.  We saw about 6 semi trucks in the ditch.  We make it to Osceola, Iowa and spent the night at an AmericInn.
Dec 10 Friday
We decided to take a different way home this time through Arkansas.  I had googled a place to stay, thinking we were going to stay in a lodge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Well, the restaurant and bar were in a new “lodge”, but the rooms were an old motel, Wanderoo.  But the cool thing was live music at the lodge just across the parking lot from our room, no driving.  There was a live bluegrass band playing that night.  We ordered a flatbread pizza and a Mediterranean platter from the restaurant.  Fun night.
Photo 3-1-22

view from our room of the enclosed porch where the band played

forgot the name of the band

Dec 11
Dave didn’t sleep well, so we decided to stay another night.  While he rested, I went into town to shop.  Eureka Springs is a funky little tourist town in the hills.  It kind of reminded me of Deadwood, SD.  I found a Catholic Church to go to that afternoon.  I went back to the room to pick up Dave to go to a German restaurant, but it was closed.  We ended up back at our hotel for dinner. 

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