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June 30-July 2, 2021 Pierre, SD and Linda Zeller's funeral

We spent most of Wednesday at my brother Don’s house.  It was emotional to greet everyone after the loss of his wife, Linda, and their mother.  Pete flew into Pierre that day.  After picking him up, we had dinner at Don’s with food provided by friends.  
Don was having a plumbing issue at the house, so he and Dave took care of it before the house was full of guests.

view of Missouri River from our hotel



Bobby and Sherri with Memphis, Don

McKenna, Mya and Melanie Krause and Bev Krause

Claire and Garrett Crawford behind Dave

Kevin Krause and Peter Roth with Heidi Zeller Crawford behind

First cousins, Peter Roth, Katie Murphy, Sherri Zeller Hansen, Heidi Crawford, Kevin Krause

We spent some time at the Lutheran church on Thursday.  Pete was able to practice with an accompanist for singing at the funeral tomorrow.  The rest of us set up tables for the meal after the service.
Back at Don’s, my sisters and I provided and served a taco dinner at Don’s house.

Bobby and Sherri Hansen, Memphis Murphy, Don Zeller, Clair Crawford
state capital from the church

There was visitation and a prayer service at the church that evening.  People were able to share memories of Linda.  There were so many loving memories shared about Linda.  She really was an amazing woman. 

Our son, Pete, posted the most beautiful message on Facebook to their family.  He was OK with me sharing that post.  He put into words what so many of us were thinking. 

"Linda Zeller, I never grew as close to you as I would have liked, but I love my uncle and cousins and their kids and my aunts and uncles and my mom and all the family you had around you.  I've met your family and grieved with them.  I know how much everyone around you loved you and knew how kind and loving you were.  I feel their loss so heavily it is unbearable.  I hope you are more than at peace and I am thankful that in your last hours you were surrounded by loved ones.   I haven't known how to express myself at your passing, but I hope my being there for my family will do.  I'm not much for praying, but if anyone would like to pray in any way for my aunt and my family,  I'm sure they would be received warmly and I would be grateful." 

 We also had a nice time visiting with several of our relatives that attended.  We returned to our hotel and visited a while longer in the lobby.

Dave with Sharon Zeller, Kevin Krause on fireplace.  Chairs clockwise at 12:00 Jerry Zeller, Jim Moore, Tom Zeller, Peter Roth, Mary Roth, Janice Moore

Linda Zeller’s funeral was Friday morning.  Pete sang Ave Maria and On Eagles Wings.  He did a beautiful job.  It really meant a lot to the family to have him sing.  And he was glad he could be there for them.  Again, it was nice to visit with family and friends over lunch.  We just wish it was under different circumstances.



Peter Roth, Sherri Zeller Hansen, Heidi Crawford, Katie Murphy, Kevin Krause
Siblings in age order Don Zeller, Beverly Krause, Jerry Zeller, Janice Moore, Mary Roth

That evening, we met at the Cattleman’s for dinner with family.  Then we returned to Don’s to visit longer.  Pete’s generation enjoyed sharing adult beverages and stories.  They haven’t all been together since 2007.  Pete would have been 20 at that time.

beautiful view of the Missouri River

Don's family-Ben Hansen and girlfriend, Jaxon Zeller Thorsen, Savannah and Ashley Hansen, Bobby and Sherri Hansen, Garrett, Claire, Glen and Heidi Crawford. Don, Memphis, Brad and Katie Murphy

cousins singing the Zeller drinking song (second generation)

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