Friday, October 1, 2021

June 21-24, 2021 Cumberland, WI with family

 6-21 Monday We drove the last leg to Cumberland, WI today.  We had a tour of Alice’s new apartment complex.  Very nice.  She has been having trouble with her mobile phone, so we took her to Verizon to get things straightened out.  That involved getting her a new phone.
We picked up early dinner at a Thai food truck which was awful, very disappointing.  We had Alice pack a bag and go to the Holiday Inn with us.  She and I enjoyed the pool and the HOT hot tub.

6-22 Tuesday We went back to Cumberland and went grocery shopping at Louis’s meat market, a must stop in Cumberland.  Alice had a new electric grill on her deck and wanted us to break it in.   We bought steaks and sausages for tonight and frozen lobster tails and scallops for another night.  
That afternoon, I bought a new phone at the Verizon store.  About a month ago, my phone was not responding to some of the keys as I was typing.  We decided to try a refurbished phone for the first time online.  I received their phone for $300 and had to send mine in to them.  They credited us $100 for my old phone.  Not soon after receiving it, I was having issues with the camera.  The picture would move, kind of wavy.  We researched that and found out there are magnets that stabilize the camera.  If the phone has been dropped a lot, they can dislodge.  We had them send me another one, but it wouldn’t arrive before we left.  So I dug out my underwater camera to use as a backup.  We found out at the Verizon store that they were having a promotion for new phones with a $500 credit for the old phone.  I didn’t think mine would qualify, since it was a refurbished phone bought online, but it did.  I ended up with a new phone, but we’ll be out the $200 I spent on the refurbished phone.  I’ll have to send the one back that is sitting at the marina waiting for us to be able to get my money back from them.  Lesson learned.  Not sure we’ll get a refurbished phone in the future.
Dave was the grill master at Alice’s that night.  Dean joined us for dinner and Debbie stopped by after we ate.

Alice Ziebarth, almost 90
Debbie, Alice, Dean, Dave
Mary, Alice, Dean, Dave

6-23 Wednesday Dave and Alice went back to Cumberland today.  They grilled the lobster and scallops.  Unfortunately, I stayed at the room sick with food poisoning for 24 hours.  I had snacked on a grocery store seafood salad before bed last night that we had bought on Monday.  That was the only thing I ate that was different from Dave and Alice.  Bummer!!

6-24 Thursday. I felt much better today.  We went back to Alice’s and made our own seafood salad sandwiches on pretzel buns.  Dave called them Pub Boys instead of Po’boys.

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