Sunday, August 15, 2021

April 26-30, 2021 Dinghy drift, diving boat, Woodbine crafish festival

Monday. There was a dinghy drift tonight to watch the full moon rise at sunset.  It was a super moon because it was the closest to the earth in it’s orbit this year.





 Wednesday.  Our air conditioner wasn’t working properly.  It needs to draw water in through a filter.  The filter was fine, so Dave decided to dive and check it out.  He found a plastic grocery bag covering the intake.

Friday. Pete, Dave and I drove to Woodbine, GA for a crawfish festival at Captain Stan’s.  It is rare to find boiled crawfish in Georgia.  They were just what we were looking for.  Dave has always liked them.  I acquired a taste for them when we lived in Alabama.  Not sure where Pete first had them.  There was a sweet little girl about 3 years old sitting at the table behind Dave with curly blonde hair.  We were waving at her and her daddy said “you can say hey to them”.  We heard the sweetest little “hey” come out of her.  Not hi or hello, but “hey”.  So cute!!

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