Sunday, August 15, 2021

April 19-25, 2021 Cumberland Island, GA

The Killion’s left about noon on Monday.  We spent the day preparing the boat to move to Cumberland Island

Tuesday we left about 10:00am for Cumberland Island.  We traveled on the ICW past Jekyll Island and arrived about 3:00pm.

Erin helping anchor


Wednesday We took the dinghy to the south dock on Cumberland Island and hiked across the island to the beach.  We saw several wild horses along the way.  There were several large jelly fish on the beach, similar to Jekyll Island earlier this week.  Very unusual.  On the hike back, we saw an armadillo rummaging in the leaves under a boardwalk. 




great to have the beach to ourselves


our boat at anchor between the dock posts

Back at the boat, Joe rigged up his own crab bait net and tried to catch dinner for us.  We didn’t have our net to bring them in, so he didn’t have any luck getting them onto the boat.  But it kept him busy.


Thursday Dave took Joe and Erin to the north dock and returned to the boat. We had a day to do routing boat chores (and nap).  They rented bicycles and road north on the island to explore.  

dinghy an the way back from the north dock



Friday I set my alarm to watch a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral at 5:30am.  Joe and Erin joined me.  The launch was about 200 miles south of us.  We were treated to a beautiful show in the dark morning sky. 

We headed back to Brunswick today because the weather will be rough on Saturday.  We enjoyed the trip back through the ICW.

Saturday As predicted, it was a very windy day.  We went to St Simon’s island for dinner and a walk on the pier.

Silver Bluff Brewery in downtown Brunswick

Sunday The Clausen’s left on the early flight out of Brunswick.  Always fun to see them.

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