Monday, April 5, 2021

November 2020 Road trip to WI and Peter's birthday

In November, all of Dave’s family tested positive for COVID 19.  Dave’s brother Dean lives in Minneapolis, sister Debbie and his mom Alice live in Cumberland, WI, about 2 hours NE of Mpls.  They had all been together a short time before they all became ill.  Alice also had pneumonia, which landed her in the hospital.  Since Debbie wasn’t able to help her in her home, she was scared about returning home.  We made the decision to drive there and help her out.  We arrived the day Alice was dismissed from the hospital.  With everyone masked and gloved, we took her home.  Dave took her into her apartment and helped her get settled.  I thoroughly cleaned our rental car.  

Dean and Debbie had the classic symptoms of the heavy cough and no energy.  So they appreciated our assistance, too.  

We had a room at a Holiday Inn about 15 miles away.  The plan was for both of us to help are needed daily.  But we quickly figured out that we didn’t both need to be exposed.  So Dave returned daily for about a week to help her out.  He helped clean out her refrigerator and freezer, shopped, cooked, and just sat with her.  The companionship was the most beneficial.  He also helped put all of her bills online.  But she has since complained that she no longer gets any mail.  After her 10 days of being symptom free, we took her out for a pre Thanksgiving dinner.  We are wondering if it was only pneumonia and not covid.  She didn’t show any symptoms after leaving the hospital.  And neither one of us ever showed any symptoms.  I tested negative once we got home.  I am the more social of the 2 of us and wanted to know for sure.  

It ended up being a mini vacation for me.  I used the treadmill every day, swam every other day, did jigsaw puzzles, and watched movies.  No visiting on this trip.  Straight to WI and back, with a little change in the route.

the one morning I needed to use the car first!!
the backup mirror had ice cycles hanging in front of the camera
only in Wisconsin do you see sauerkraut on the church dinner menu

We returned on November 21.  We missed Pete’s birthday by one day.  To celebrate, we later drove to the Schnitzel Haus in Jacksonville, Fl.  YUMMY!! 


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