Saturday, April 10, 2021

January 2021 Oyster Roast and events at Brunswick Landing Marina

New Year’s Day 2021
The marina had it’s first function for us since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. We had an oyster feed.  There was a raw table and a steamed table.  They were delicious.  And it was a beautiful day.

When we were in Rhode Island, they served Mignonette sauce with their oysters.  I decided to make my own and it was a big hit.  I used red wine vinegar, shallots and hot sauce. 





Dave mounted 4 lights on our aft arch, 2 facing to the back of the boat and 2 forward along the sides of the boat.  They are mostly for security, but also useful if we are anchoring in the dark.  


January 4, 2021, we had a fun gathering of girlfriends to celebrated Deby’s 60th birthday.  She turned us on to Skrewball whiskey, peanut butter flavored.

January 6, 20201 We made 3 videos for our Great Niece Claire Zeller to send as a birthday wish.  They were a good introduction to our life here, so decided to include them.



January 11, 2021. A group of boaters from our marina took our dinghies to a nearby restaurant, Marshside Grill.  It is usually about a 30 minute ride, but it took us about an hour because one boater had trouble with his outboard motor.  This is a good time to check how they are running.  It was a beautiful day to be out on the water.



sailing lessons back at the marina

January 25, another dinghy ride to Marshside Grill.





 January 18, ladies luncheon.  We try to have a small gathering once a month to get to know each other better. 

everyone contributed to the Bloody Mary Bar

After living on the boat with us for 18 months, Pete moved into a house in Brunswick.  He found a home with other people where he rents a bedroom and shares the common area.  It's a great way to share expenses until he finds someone he would want to share a place with, or can afford a place by himself.  It really has been fun sharing close quarters with him after so many years of living in different states.

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