Sunday, April 11, 2021

February 14-18, 2021 Oklahoma City snow storm

Then the weather moved in. It snowed Sunday and Monday, and Wednesday in OK, but Texas was a mess!!  They had many places without power or water.  I shoveled snow 3 times that week.  I would have felt guilty if I hadn’t helped my sister who is 8 years older than me.  

On Tuesday, I tried for over an hour to get a Lift or Uber ride to the airport.  Bev ended up driving me there.  Once we were out of her neighborhood, the roads were ok.  My flight was delayed leaving, and I would have missed my flight in Atlanta, so I opted to stay 2 more days.  I made it home safely on Thursday the 18th.  We were spaced out nicely on the airplanes.  They gave us an antiseptic wipes as we boarded, which I used to wipe down my area.  Everyone wore masks in the airplanes and airports.

Bev let me wear my old wool coat that I gave her when we moved onto the boat

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