Friday, April 16, 2021

April 14, 2021 2 Way Fish Camp Boatyard, Darien GA

2 Way Fish Camp Boatyard outside of Darien started on our boat about Monday,  April5, 2021.  We "splashed" on April 14.  So I have included all the photos in this one post.

We asked them to remove the bank of windows in the salon area that were only for letting light into the salon, they did not open (only leaked).  All the old material to seal it in place was removed.  They placed plastic inside and outside of the opening to keep our boat clean and dry.  A piece of plywood was painted on the side facing the inside of the boat.  Fiberglass was placed on the outside to seal the wood.  Then it was laid into place and fiberglass was placed over it and blended into the deck of the boat.   

 First 4 photos are different angles before the work was started.  We had placed tape around the margins to keep the water out.

view from inside with window removed

window removed

sealed from inside for protection

April 8 view of salon

plastic was hanging, but taped along the walls

the plywood insert being prepped


the old window

On Saturday the 10th, we were expecting strong winds and raid.  We checked on the boat in the afternoon.  There was plastic laying loosely over the open window.  Dave layed some heavy objects over it to secure it in place.  The storm blew through about 5:00 with tornado warnings.  About 6:30, Dave drove back to the boatyard, about 20 miles, to check for any water damage inside.  The plastic had been taped in place.  Thank goodness.

April 12-the board inserted

 April 14-this boatyard actually finished on the day they told us they would!!  I even complimented them on that.  And the estimate was in the range they gave us!!  We would highly recommend them for fiberglass work.  Can't say about other work, but if this is their quality, they should be great.

you can see the whiter area in front of the mast

the new fiberglass blended in evenly with the existing deck

the bank of 3 previous windows
the finished underside of the marine plywood
this is the slide that covers the area

 The following pictures are of the lift taking us to the water and lowering it into the water.

moving our boat out of it's spot in the boatyard

can you see the guy driving the lift sitting between the tires?

moving over the haul out bay

these straps are holding our 24,000+ lb boat

check out the tread on the tires

straps on the opposite side

the back stays for the mast had to be loosened to fit on the lift.  Can you see the guy in the blue shirt below Dave's arms?

Now the guy is tucked under the dinghy and motor mount in the blue shirt

leaving 2 Way Fishcamp and boat yard behind us
heading out on the South Altamaha River
We passed the Golden Ray ship.  The arch in place over the ship to pick up the next piece that will be cut away

Mary out on the bow

Friends to help bring our boat into the slip at Brunswick Landing Marina

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