Monday, January 25, 2021

August 27/28, 2020 Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan

8-27  We drove to Copper Harbor today on the Keweenaw peninsula.  We rented a room at a motel that overlooked the water.  It’s a small community in the woods.  We enjoyed a couple lazy days hiking and driving through the area.   

8-28  We had a beautiful hike out to Hunter's point.  There were great views of Lake Superior and of Copper Harbor. 

Then we drove a loop on Brockway mountain.  Of course, it was overcast, so scenic views weren’t quite as scenic as on sunny days.  We were hoping to see Isle Royale in Lake Superior.  Even though it’s close to Canada and Minnesota, it is part of Michigan.  Before Covid days, you could take a ferry to the island from Copper Harbor.  I always thought it was part of Minnesota.

There was an ore ship passing passing by on Lake Superior

 Before heading to our room, we went for a walk along the boardwalk.  We couldn’t help but notice all the spiders and spider webs along the fence/wall.  A family of kids arrived as we were leaving.  The kids were checking out the spiders.  Dave told them a line he uses with kids about fish, “If you name them, you can’t eat them!”.  The little girl immediately started naming all the spiders.  As we left, the parents caught up with their kids.  We heard the little girl telling them “that OLD COUPLE told me……..”.  OUCH!  I’m going with “that old man and his daughter told me…”.

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