Monday, January 25, 2021

August 31-September 5, 2020 Visiting friends and family in Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina

 8-31  Today we drove south through Michigan to meet up with a friend outside of Detroit.  Kaye Dial was introduced to us by my sister, Beverly.  We have had several adventures together over the years, including Ski for Light in South Dakota, a SFL pub crawl in Chicago years ago, and a visit in the Bahamas with Beverly, Don and Linda Zeller.  
We had a wonderful meal at her house with her mother and friend Jim.  Always fun to see Kaye.  Which reminds me: If you see Kaye…..

9-1  After meeting Kaye at her favorite breakfast restaurant, we drove to Dayton, Ohio.  We were fortunate to see my cousins Jim and Jane Zeller and their two sons that live in the area and their families: James and Krista, John and Melanie, Haley and Zohn.  Jane made us a wonderful traditional chicken dinner which included apple pie.  We said our goodbyes and were in our car when I realized I didn’t take any pictures!!  I ran back to the door and at least had one picture of Jim and Jane.

9-2/3  We drove through Ohio, West Virginia and to Mooresville, NC to visit sailing friends on Lake Norman.  Phillip and Teresa were on the sailboat SeaYa, and we crossed paths several times in the Bahamas.  They have now sold their boat and are living near Teresa’s mother.  What a wonderful evening at their lake home with lots of laughs. 


After spending part of the day in NC, we spent the night in South Carolina and made it back to Brunswick, GA safe and sound by Saturday.  What a beautiful drive through the United States.  And we enjoyed all the friends and family we were able to visit. 

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