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January 27-31, 2020 Black Hills Regional Ski for Light

On Monday, I slept most of the day, but drove to Deadwood that late afternoon while it was still light outside.  I just stayed in the room, which I was sharing with Nancy.  She had arrived late Sunday and had a great day volunteering with Bev.  They work at a table in the main ski lodge selling t-shirts, hats, and other SFL bling.  They are also an information desk as needed.

On Tuesday, I got up for breakfast, but decided to go back to bed for awhile and come up late.  Well, I slept until 3:00.   That night, I was able to go out for dinner with my family, including Nancy.  Bev, Don, Katie, Memphis, Nancy and I had dinner at Mustang Sally’s close to both or our hotels.  It was great to be with everyone, but as soon as we ate dinner, I was off to bed again.  Ski for Light had a slot tournament and karaoke that night.  Everyone else had a great time.
Bev, Don, Katie, Mary, Memphis

On Wednesday, Nancy and I slept in and then went to the ski lodge for the downhill portion of the event at about 10:00.  I didn’t have a lot of energy, so I just said hello to people and took pictures.  Pretty pathetic.  It was almost harder being here while feeling awful than it would have been if I hadn’t come at all.  I was able to see Kaye Leslie.  Someone else had stepped up to guide her.  She usually cross country skis, but decided to try downhill skiing today.

Richard Perdue and Tara Knutson
Don Zeller guide
Chris Jonas, Canada, guided by Tracy Perdue
Mary with Gwen Brandhagen Rapid City friend
Kaye Leslie from Canada with guide

Kaye Leslie making it down the slopes

Nancy and Bev

Brian Korwin guided by Katie

Miss Wheelchair America with Memphis
Nancy modeling the SFL shirt making fun of SD's campaign that said "METH, we're on it"

Katie and Brian
Nancy and I left before lunch and drove to the cross country site.  They prepare the food onsite open an open fire and in a cook tent.  Always yummy.  We only stayed until about 2:00 and I had to head back to the room.  Nancy had a lazy day with me.  There is a bonfire at the cross country meadows on Wednesday’s, but we missed it.  That night the family gang had dinner at the Mineral Palace, the Ski for Light headquarters.  Kaye Leslie, Pati and Fred joined us.  So nice to finally spend time with each other. 
Kaye Leslie and Mary

Pati, Mary and Fred

Memphis had enough of the adults and moved to her own table, but Grandpa Don had to play with her
Thursday is race day.  Nancy and I went to the cross country ski area again.  
We helped with the races.  I helped keep time for the skiers and Nancy handed out metals.  It was a beautiful day with fresh snow falling all morning.
Nancy helping Kaye off of the "people mover" that brings people from the main road into the cross county site

Nancy ready to hand out medals

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Tami Petersen with Heather

Kaye Leslie at the starting line

warming tents

Nancy and Mary friends for 45 years
Nancy always ready with a smile

The banquet is on Thursday night.  Again, the family was able to sit together.  It was so fun sharing time with them and getting to see Memphis.  She had her halloween costume along to keep herself entertained.  She had met Miss Wheelchair America that week.  Before the banquet started, she wanted to give her a bracelet with magical power.  It was so cute!

Bubba and Wild Willie

Mary, Jeanine and Hope, long time volunteers

Kaye Dial and Bev

Memphis presenting Miss Wheelchair America with her magic bracelet
Katie, Memphis and Miss Wheelchair America

Not sure who was having more fun

Mary with Fred and Pati

Memphis and Mary
 After the banquet, I actually went to the Saloon #10 with the crowd.  I made it until midnight, then turned into a pumpkin. 

On Friday after Ski for Light, there is an unofficial gathering at the Saloon #10 at 10:00 for Bloody Mary’s and fair wells.  Then we packed up and headed back to Rapid City.  That night, Bev and I joined some of the Ski for Lighter’s that were staying at the Alex Johnson Hotel downtown.

These guys have been around since the early years of Ski for Light

Kaye Leslie and Storm with Kaye Dial

Mary with Nancy, Pati, Fred and Kaye

Nancy, Kaye D, Kaye L, Pati, Mary, Bev

Bev and Memphis having fun at the slopes

Kim Weyer, Janet Sanders and Mary keeping track of time during the races

Katie and Brian, they have radios in their helmets to communicate while skiing

Mary, Kaye Leslie, her guide Dave Schaefer and his wife

Don and Katie

Pati and Katie at the lodge

Don, Brian and Katie
 These last photos were additional photos from other people.  Great week!!

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