Saturday, May 9, 2020

February 4-12, 2020 Sioux Falls visit with friends

Bev’s flight back to Oklahoma was today, Tuesday, February 4.  After I took her to the airport, I drove to Sioux Falls to spend time with grade school/high school friends.  On the way, I stopped for dinner in Mitchell, SD.  The daughter of good friends, Devyn Killion, was attending Culinary School at the VoTech school.  She gave me a tour of her classroom and her apartment.  Then we had dinner together before I left for Sioux Falls.  We have known Devyn all of her life, so it was really an enjoyable evening.
Mary, Barb and Marge at coffee once more before leaving town
I spent Wednesday and Thursday at Sheryl Gerdes Bedard’s home, friends since 1st grade.  I visited her last September after her hernia surgery.  She was in and out of the hospital until Christmas Eve.  So she was still recuperating.  I helped her with a few household chores.
Sheryl with Bella
Gail Weiland, Zeller joined us by late afternoon on Thursday.  We have been friends since she moved to Miller in the 4th grade, and she married my cousin, Joe Zeller. 
On Friday, Gail had an appointment in Sioux Falls to buy a wig.  Not sure if she wants me sharing this, but for heath reasons, she has been wearing a wig for over a year now.  We helped her pick out a new style, but with the same color.  It was really kind of fun.  Sheryl even ended up buying one. 

We rented a VRBO for the weekend in Sioux Falls.  Sheryl didn’t have beds for all of us at her house.  Lori Landgrebe Schneller joined us there before dinner.  We have all been friends since Lori moved to Miller, SD in the 6th grade.  Sheryl had made us lasagna for dinner.  It was great to just settle in and spend time together.
Lori, Sheryl, Gail and Mary
On Saturday, there was heavy snow predicted for the Miller area.  Sadly, Gail decided she had better head home.  Sheryl, Lori and I spent time shopping and had dinner at the Outback Restaurant with another Sioux Falls friend of Sheryl’s.  It was snowing in Sioux Falls, too, so we headed back to the VRBO for a relaxing evening.  We just enjoyed being together.

We had to check out of the VRBO on Sunday.  Lori spent the day with us before heading home to Canton, SD, about 30 miles south of Sioux Falls.

On Monday, I spent the night with Chelle Foley Hart.  Chelle and I have been friends for close to 30 years.  I was her cross country guide at Ski for Light for about 10 years.  I picked her up from work, then we went out for dinner.  Her husband passed away last year.  She had moved into a “villa” townhouse last October, which I hadn’t seen.  I was her first overnight guest.  We had a great evening visiting and sharing a couple beers and some homemade Kahlua and celebrating my birthday. 
Mary and Chelle
On Tuesday, February 11, I took Chelle to work and headed west.  I stopped in Mitchell again to see Devyn.  The cafeteria at her school is open to the public.  She was one of the breakfast cooks that week, so I had breakfast there.  It was fun to see her at work.

Then I continued on  to Rapid City.  I was able to have dinner that night with a couple sailing friends along with the Petersen’s.  We met Scott and Marlene Dannenbring, Denny Stuck, and Jackie Killion at Jambonz, a cajun restaurant.  Debby Stuck was out of town.  Always good to see all of them.

I had an early morning flight back to Georgia on Wednesday.  Even with the flu, I was able to see many great friends over the 3 weeks I was there.

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