Tuesday, January 21, 2020

September 3, 2019 Athens-Istanbul-Atlanta

We had breakfast at the B&B with another couple that had arrived last night from Australia.  And I was just complaining about our 13 hour flight today.

We were at the airport by 8:00.  No problem checking in.  We had to change planes in Istanbul with a 2 hour layover.  It too nearly the whole 2 hours to get to the gate.  We had 2 additional document checks and one bag check.  They separated the women and men for the bag checks.  Then the flight was delayed for an hour.  We noticed several last calls for flights that didn’t leave on time.  This was a fairly new airport, but we still had to be bused to the airplane to board. 

The meals were good and they offered sandwiches on request through out the flight.  I’m sure everyone was on different time zones for eating.  Their flight map and statistics also listed the time until prayer.  In your choices for entertainment, you could choose to read the Koran.
the plane had hooks on the wall to attach cribs for babies to sit/sleep in
we were given a package with slippers, and eye mask and earplugs
We arrived in Atlanta at 8:30pm, but it was 3:30 am to us.  We took the airport shuttle to the hotel, greeted Pete and went to sleep.  That was a trip of a lifetime. 


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