Sunday, January 19, 2020

July 29, 2019 Lamarche-sur-Saône, France

We stopped at Gray again for groceries.  Dave and I made fish tacos for Torben and AnneMarie, their first. 


You could order a pizza from this machine.  we were too full to try it

I liked the ornate roof line and the old building with an antennae on top
At 5:30, we tied to an anchor on the shore at Lamarche-sur-Saône.  We walked into town to have dinner.  I ordered a veal dish, but we didn’t google what the dish actually was.  It was veal kidney!!  I tried, but I couldn’t eat it.  I was ready to order something else when AnneMarie offered to exchange her steak for my kidneys.  So sweet!  Dave has an egg parfait appetizer and steak tartare.  And we enjoyed fun desserts.

egg parfait
steak tartar

veal kidney


chocolate inside the orange


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