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July 28, 2019 Ray-sur-Saôane, France

Torben, AnneMarie and I took a walk into the village.  We met a man restoring a home that was built in 1341.  It had been in his wife’s family for 5 generations.  He has a large farm with his son.  Working on this home is his hobby.


entry way looking back to the front door
courtyard behind the house

upper level

the ceiling beams were similar to the hull of a ship

At one time, monks lived here to teach the common people to read and write.  The cellar was for wine, vegetables, and hanging meat.  The cellar walls were about 10 feet thick.  During the world wars, the villagers would go there for protection.

We also visited a castle. The original castle was built in 1434 for the nobleman Jean de Ray.  His family could be traced back to the year 0.  His family was part of the crusades.  Since the family was so kind to the villagers, his head wasn’t cut off during the revolution in the 1700’s.  The current castle was built in 1734.



pet cemetary
 When we planned to leave the dock, the boat was overheating.  Dave and Torben found a broken belt and coolant on the floor of the engine compartment.  We called the company about 12:40.  They said a technician would be there about 2:00.


duck confit from a can

We stopped at Rigny for the night.  We walked into town for dinner.  The only restaurant open was in a hotel.  They wouldn’t serve Dave because he was wearing shorts.  We all returned to the boat and took turns making appetizers with the food we had on board.  Very interesting.

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