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August 4, 2019 Interlaken and Zermatt, Switzerland

This morning we all took a bus to the train station.  By 9:00 we were on our way to Interlaken, Switzerland.  After arriving in Interlaken, we boarded a steamboat on Brienzersee.    The boat stopped at the Geissbach hotel, where we had reservations for lunch.  We had to take a cog train from the shore up the the hotel.


the drink was Aperol Spritz

Hotel Giessbach

bathroom doors


When we returned to the shore after lunch, we watched hang gliders off of the mountain side.  We returned to Interlaken, said good-bye to Christine and Hanspeter, and headed to Zermatt by train. 

look for the hang gliders

more hang gliders


I think this was Jungfrau
 Zermatt was just what you would picture for a Swiss ski village.  We had lined up an Airbnb chalet for the night.  We spent the evening walking through the village and having dinner.  Dave has also done some mountaineering.  So it was interesting to see that aspect, too.  The shops carried everything you would need for any type of mountain sport.
our taxi, there are no cars on the streets in Zermatt
our Airbnb was in this chalet

the Matterhorn

Add caption

even looks like a chalet

chantrell mushrooms

cordon bleu
 Torben and AnneMarie had thought of going to Zermatt.  So I decided to check with them.  They were still in Zermatt.  They were having dinner at a restaurant nearby, so we just stopped to visit one more time.  They had been hiking and camping.  Fun to see them again. 

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