Sunday, January 19, 2020

August 3, 2019, tour of Basel, Switzerland

After breakfast at the apartment, we rode the bus to the city center.  We walked to one of the famous landmarks in Basel, the Basler Münster Cathedral.  It was built between the years 1019 and 1500.  So it was started 900 years ago!!  We arrived at the cathedral in time to hear an organ concert.  What a treat!

  Afterwards, we enjoyed a beautiful view of the Rhine River from the terrace, one of the most popular viewpoints in the city.  We did a walking tour of the city center.
the concert venue on the Rhine

interesting paining on this building

this ferry traverses the Rhine using the current to move it from shore to shore

City gate/door built in 1473/4

 Along the way, we stopped at individual shops to buy a variety of olives, cheese and Swiss chocolates.  I guess I was too mesmerized to take a photo in the chocolate shop.


this is the kids table in the liquor store
essen is to eat, so this is a deli or snack bar
Today we took some time to plan our next adventure.  Christine helped us figure out our Eurail pass.  She even went with us to the train station to buy our passes.  We decided to take a panoramic train through Switzerland that had windows extending onto the roof for a better view of the mountains.  The weather then determined how long to stay in Basel, and when we should schedule that passage. 

We had a wonderful pasta dinner at Christine and Hanspeter’s home, sharing all of our purchases from the day.  When we stayed at their B&B in South Dakota, we could also have a 4 course European dinner.  So we have enjoyed their cooking for years.  We even arranged a cooking class with 3 other couples at their B&B one weekend. 

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