Tuesday, January 21, 2020

August 29, 2019 Boat tour

Dave was still sick, so I went on the boat tour by myself.  The boat was a classic fishing boat, Argo.  A couple and a friend use it all summer for tours and live on it. 


this boat is similar to ours
a church on the hillside

Our first stop was the island of Alonissos.  We took a bus to an old village high on the island.  Beautiful views and “streets”.  Then we were able to snorkel in the bay.  I say a brown spotted eel about 4 ft long, otherwise only small fish and sea urchins.



before we left the harbor, everyone had to see the seal.  I though it was rather sad looking
We took the boat up to a cave for tourist photos.  We stopped at another beach area for snorkeling and beach time.  I wasn’t impressed with the snorkeling in this area.  I thought we were going to a Marine Park at the northern end of this island.  But that would be a special tour. 


the stones made it hard to walk out of the water

a beer made in Skopelos

The tour group gave us some nice Greek appetizers and drinks while we were on board.  It was agreat day on the water.
bread, cheese, meat, cheese, tomato
homemade wine

Dave felt like going out for dinner tonight.  We found the restaurant we could see from our balcony, Alexander’s.  We had a wonderful dinner.  We had an appetizer that said it was 4 different salads, but they were more of a spread for the bread.  I guess we call egg salad a salad.  We also had dolmades and saganaki.  Dave had the slovlaki mixed grill.  I had their special, a baked dish with veal, potatoes and cheese.  We also had wine, bottled water and free dessert all for 55 Euros/$60.

our balcony between the buidlings

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