Tuesday, January 21, 2020

August 26, 2019 Greek Dance Festival

Dave had the first signs of a cold today and slept in.  I had breakfast outside on our patio.  The kittens from next door wanted to be friends.  Only problem was they weren’t very healthy looking.  Dave named a couple Scrappy and Pi, for pussy eye. 

We walked to the port for a late lunch.  We had to try the Skopelos cheese pie.  It was delicious, but not meant for 2 people.  It was cheese in a fried pastry. 


We walked around town checking out rental cars and bus tours.  We found out there was a Greek dance festival this week.  We found the theater and took a short cut back to our villa (rather than walking downhill to the port and then back up).  We just napped and relaxed, since Dave’s cold was getting worse. 
a pomegranate tree
The dance festival started at 9:00pm and went until 11:30.  I think it was because of the heat.  The dancers wouldn’t have survived in their heavy costumes.  We felt lucky to stumble across this event.  I may have pushed Dave over the edge with making him stay out this late.

we saw the concert seats in the afternoon and brought beach towels to sit on
Each group of dancers performed about 6 dances.  They were all similar in forming a line with the man on the end adding some steps.  So I tried to find a unique dance to share for each group.  I was impressed by the live accompaniment and vocalist.  They had to know all the songs.  Nothing was recorded.

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