Monday, January 20, 2020

August 19, 2019 Pitlochry, Scotland

We wanted to head further north in Scotland and chose Pitlochry as our next destination.  We arrived by train in time for lunch at the Old Mill Inn.  Then we hiked to the Black Spout Falls just outside of town.
map of the city

statue of a lady golfing

We checked into our room and had dinner at our hotel, McKays.  We chose Pitlochry for the hiking, but also for their Monday night weekly concert.  Many people gathered outside of a hotel on main street.  Then everyone hiked with a bag pipe band to the concert grounds about 10 blocks away. 

We were treated to a fantastic concert of traditional Scottish songs and dances.  The Pipe band marched onto the field and performed a few numbers throughout the night.  There were several dancing groups, and a few soloists.  This is something we would return to see again.

We hiked back to main street with the band.  We found a pub called Auld Smitty Inn for a nightcap.  We met a couple from England and Ireland that we had a nice visit with. 

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