Monday, January 20, 2020

August 12, 2019 Schönburg Castle grounds and zoo, Vienna

All of the mainland of Europe was experiencing extremely high temperatures 90-100.  We spent some time this morning rethinking our interests and the maximum use of our Eurail pass.  We decided to leave for Scotland the next day.

I had to force Dave to head out to the bus tour again today.  The main attraction today was the Schönburg Castle.  This was the summer residence of the Habsburg royal family.  The grounds were incredible. 
the Habsburg's summer home

just a portion of the gardens
one of many fountains

 We decided to visit the zoo.  It is the oldest zoo in the world and the largest in Europe.
We took the last bus back towards our hotel and ended up having to walk about a mile in the pouring rain.   We enjoyed a nice dinner at our hotel.  Dave had ox cheeks and I had garlic beef.

We spent the evening making plans for Scotland.  Nothing like traveling day to day.  I always had room reservations before we arrived.  It was bad enough finding your hotel after a day of traveling, let alone looking for one. 

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