Monday, December 30, 2019

July 19, 2019 Cologne, Germany

Alex and Mirjam (pronounce like Miriam) picked us up by car this morning.  They took us to see their apartment nearby.  We had brought them a wedding gift from Georgia. 
Dave, Mary, Mirjam, Alex
Mirjam and Alex with their future wedding gift, a Georgia pine needle trivit

Then all 4 of us drove to Cologne.  We toured the Cologne Cathedral and walked along the Rhine river.  This cathedral is the largest in Germany and one of most important in the world.  It was constructed between 1248 and 1880.  It is dedicated to the Three Wise Men whose bones are preserved in the gold shrine above the High Altar.
The gold shrine containing the bones of the Three Wise Men

Locks of lovers on the bridge over the Rhine, actually adding stress from the weight

nice coffee stop until someone started smoking

great lunch
"dry and sexy on the Rhine"
 When my father visited us in Germany in 1979, we celebrated his 63rd birthday on the Rhine river.  63 in German is drei and sechzig, so he said he was "dry and sexy on the Rhine".  Now we're 63

Next we drove to Wülfrath, where Alex’s parents live.  We all met at a Restaurant for a fun evening.  After eating, we went to their home for the night.
Alex, Paul, Renate Surminski, Mirjam and Mary

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