Saturday, December 28, 2019

July 18, 2019 Münster, Germany

We enjoyed another wonderful breakfast at the hotel.

tried to get a picture of the outstanding breakfast without being too obvious
That morning, Alex Surminski and Mirjam joined us at the hotel.  Alex had been an exchange student in high school in 2005-06.  We have stayed in touch online, but we hadn’t seen him since 2007 when he and his family visited us in South Dakota.

Alex and Mirjam were on bicycles.  We rented bicycles and they gave us a beautiful tour of Münster.  Their old city wall that made a circle around the old city is now a bike/walking promenade.

underground parking garage for bicycles at the train station

palace in Münster
on the city promenade

St Lambert's church.  There are 3 iron baskets hanging from the church tower.  In1536, they were used to expose the corpses of the 3 leaders of the Münster rebellion

Catherdral St-Paulus-Dom

Alex also helped us find a SIM card that we could use throughout the mainland of Europe.
sitting outside for dinner
Mary, Dave, Mirjam, Alex
beer stop on our way home

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