Friday, December 20, 2019

July 14, 2019 from Æro to Skarø to Tjaereborg, Denmark

We all met for breakfast and were sailing by 10:00.  We stopped at another island, Skarø, to pick up AnneMarie’s son.  He was there for a bachelor’s party.  He sailed with us back to the mainland.
the view from our room in the morning

handsome bachelor party, even if they were hung over

coffee is served.  Torben is wearing a traditional sailing shirt for Denmark

a lobster trap as part of a playground

These maps zoom in with each photo.
All of Denmark.  We flew into Copenhagen.  AnneMarie lives in Odense.  And Torben lives in Tjaereborg by the blue dot

We drove to the southern coast of this island to sail
The biggest island was Æro
We visited this city on Æro
We stopped at Skarø on our way back on Sunday

These are a few pictures of AnneMarie's yard. Such beautiful gardens.


Torben, Dave and I headed to Torben’s home in Tjaereborg that afternoon.  At his home, we met 2 dental school classmates of his son, Lessa and Kirsten.  Along with Niels, they were on break from school, but were doing some on the job training at Torben’s office and others in the area.

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