Monday, June 10, 2019

May 23, 2019 Good bye Devyn and prep to cross back to USA

Devyn had to be at the dock at 7:50am to catch her ferry and taxi to the airport.  We really enjoyed her visit.  And she’s welcome to join us anytime.
all set on Pinder's ferry

We had the cart until 11:30am, so we went out for breakfast after feeding Devyn hard boiled eggs and a banana.  Then we drove around Russel Island exploring the side roads and a marina.  We even saw our boat anchored outside of Spanish Wells. 
dental office in Spanish Wells

I love the flowering bushes here
Dave took me back to the boat then picked up our garbage and fuel jerry cans.  He ran back to town to get fuel.  I stayed at the boat to start food prep for our crossing back to the states, and of course to clean.  We made home made pizza for dinner.  We had planned to do that for 3 months.  We’ll enjoy the leftover pizza on the crossing. 
last sunset in the Bahamas
Devyn was supposed to spend the night in Denver and go to Rapid City in the morning.  But she was able to get on a flight that night into Rapid.  We also found out that she wasn’t able to take her conch shells in her carry on luggage, only checked bags.  She gave them up rather than check the bag. 

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