Monday, June 10, 2019

May 17-18, 2019 Devyn Killion arrived

Today we had another guest arrive.  Devyn Killion is the 20 year old daughter of Brian and Jackie Killion, our long time friends from Rapid City, SD.  We have known Devyn since she was born.  She and her sister, Morgan, spent a lot of time in the summers with Dave when they were between needing a baby sitter and staying home alone.  Dave called them his “yard apes” and taught them how to use our riding lawn mower, etc.  Then they would stop for a tea party.  He also told people they were his girlfriends, he needed two because they were so little.  Needless to say, she was ready for Dave’s teasing. 

She arrived late afternoon, and we had mahi tacos on the boat.
arriving on Pinder's ferry
Devyn's first sunset

opposite direction from the sunset
We moved the boat to Royal Island, about 5 miles west for better wind protection.  Between squalls, we went snorkeling at Little Egg Island.  Devyn loves to cook and is planning to attend culinary school in the fall.  She made us a nice Asian glaze to put on mahi for dinner.  We have lots of mahi to eat before we leave for the states next week. 

Devyn heading snorkeling

nice variety right away

sea urchins

Devyn is a natural

it's a good snorkel when I get to see my favorite, queen angelfish

interesting gullies

nice grouping

a grouper and french angelfish from the top

French Angelfish

this is a type of grouper, spotted.  he thought he was hiding

full moon

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