Tuesday, May 14, 2019

May 9, 2019 Conception to Little San Salvador and Mahi Mahi

At one time, we considered going further south, but now that Devyn Killion is joining us on the 17th, we decided to head north now.  We left for Old Bight, Cat Island about 9:30am.  At about noon, we decided to go further north to Bennett’s Harbour.  Then about 1:30 we changed our minds again to go all the way to Little San Salvador.  We were hoping to snorkel there before heading north. 

About 4:00, we caught another mahi.  This one gave Dave quite a fight.  It was a 4 ft bull mahi, our first.  We were anchored at Little San Salvador by 6:30 with about an hour of daylight to get the mahi filleted.  We weren’t going to snorkel off of the boat, so we threw the parts of the mahi overboard.  Towards the end, a shark and a sting ray showed up.  This beach is owned by a cruise ship, and they provide all kinds of water sports here.  We thought a shark might add a little excitement to their vacation.  There weren’t any cruise ships at anchor right now, so no problem.
We enjoyed another great mahi dinner.

using a gaff hook to bring it in

they quickly lose their color
found a few worms in the intestines, not in the meat
The male head has a strong forehead with lots of good meat in it.  I don't think we had a pan big enough to cook the head.

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