Tuesday, May 14, 2019

May 8, 2019 Conception Island

High tide was about 10:30am, so we took off for the creek about 10:00.  We stopped at Jerry and Larisa boat to travel with them.  Debbie and Don from MonDai Nai (no worries in Japanese) were there, too. 
Jerry and Larisa
Don and Debbie
The landscape was beautiful.  We saw a lot of turtles and one large barracuda.  But nothing else.  There had been a couple jet skis in here before us, so they may have caused everyone to tuck up for awhile.  It was still a nice dinghy ride inland. 
The video is of us going through the entrance to the creek out to the open water.   Have to learn to read the water to avoid hitting rocks, coral, or sand.  Sorry for the poor videography.  Watch for the turtle at the end.

In the afternoon, we went snorkeling off the north west end of the island.  The area we snorkeled had a lot of different coral heads, but very little fish.   As the tide was going down, a lot of the coral heads were close to the surface.  And there was a squall approaching, so we headed back without being too impressed.  We had heard varying reviews of the area, but were glad we made it a destination.  Some place different for us.  It is a beautiful island with no inhabitants or wifi.  So I a nice “get a way”.   Mahi tacos for dinner were excellent!

looking back at our anchorage behind the rocks

always a barracuda checking us out
checking out the beach quickly
will come back on a nicer day
7:05 pm
7:30 pm

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