Monday, May 13, 2019

May 4-5, 2019 Old Bight to New Bight and back, Cat Island

We wanted to spend the weekend here because there is a Catholic Church in New Bight and a grocery store.  We had a lazy day staying in Old Bight.  I was able to use the wifi from the resort to update the blog.  Dave updated and backed up our phones.

We started listening to “Coffee Break French” podcasts.  Dave has listened to them in the past, but I need to start.  We are planning a trip to France this summer with our friends from Denmark.  Au revoir!

We moved the boat about 4 miles this morning to New Bight.  Old Bight and New Bight are in the same bight, or bay.  New Bight is further north and and more exposed to the south and west.  Old Bight is on the southern shore and more protected, so usually calmer. 

It takes about an hour to lift the anchor, move and reset.  Then Dave took me to shore to go to church.  Landing a dinghy on this shore is difficult because the waves pound the shore.  I hopped out quickly.  But then Dave got pretty wet turning the dinghy around and getting it deep enough to start the outboard motor.  There isn’t a dock to use.

I have been to this church before.  They have a deacon rather than a priest.  His vestments had a strip of material with sea life printed on it.  I had to ask for a picture.  This church was built by Father Jerome, the architect/priest that built many hurricane proof churches in the early 1900’s.

Can you imagine going to school right on the beach?
 Dave picked me up after church, and of course, we both got wet.  We went back to the boat and made a new plan for the next couple days.  The original plan was to hike at New Bight today, spend the night, then go to shore for groceries tomorrow, which included walked about a mile and carrying our groceries.  All of this with the rough beach landings.

Our new plan changed to moving back to Old Bight and renting a car on Monday.  Didn’t take much to convince me of that plan.  So we moved the boat back to Old Bight. 

I spent the day as a travel agent.  First, I booked our flights to Minneapolis in June, and reserved a rental car.  We contacted a few family members to inform them of our plans.

We arranged a few more plans for our trip this summer to Europe. We were able to talk to our Denmark friends though Facebook Messenger.  We are trying to coordinate a visit to friends in Germany, so wanted to check a couple dates with the Danes first.  Then we e-mailed our German exchange student from 2005-2006 and his parents about the dates we would like to visit them. 

This evening, we talked to friends in South Dakota to make arrangements for their daughter to join us in the Bahamas right before we return to the states, Devyn Killion.  We’ve been tying to make this happen for a few years.  After that plan was decided, we had to come up with a new plan for us to be able to meet her in time in Spanish Wells. 

We really had to wrap our heads around all these travel plans.  This summer is going to be busy, but fun.  In my next life, I want to be a travel agent or tour guide.

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