Saturday, May 4, 2019

April 29-30, 2019 Bennett's Harbour, Cat Island

Today was windy with side to side rolling motion of the boat.  I was able to spend some time on the computer without getting sea sick.  Dave did some radar adjustments from the things he learned listening to the online class this week.

About 9:00pm, our bilge alarm went off.  Dave found more water under the engine compartment.  He ran the engine for awhile to help charge the batteries while he was running the bilge pump (no more sunlight to charge the solar panels for the night).  He also ran the shop vac to remove the water from under the engine.  We haven’t moved the boat in 4 days, but the boat has been rocking side to side A LOT.  So besides the shaft issue, we may be getting rain water in somewhere, or there is a leak that is affected with the rolling motion.  There will be a lot of investigating in the near future.

We were up to listen to the weather on the SSB radio at 6:30am.  This weather was supposed to continue through Friday.  So we decided to not wait for good weather to snorkel at Little San Salvador.  Maybe we will stop here as we head north in a few weeks.  We decided to head to Cat Island for better protection and better sleep. 

We left about 7:00 am to get settled before more squalls showed up in the afternoon.  The wind was averaging 25 knots.  We usually travel in about 15 knots of wind and travel about 6-7 knots speed.  With the wind right on our nose, we only went about 3 knots.

About 10:30 we ran into the only squall we could see on the horizon, right in the path of our destination.  We had pretty heavy rain and gusts to 38 knots, but no water spouts.  We handled it just fine.  I guess we can call ourselves “salty sailors”.  

We made it to Bennett’s Harbor, Cat Island and anchored by noon.  It is about 1/4 of the way down the length of the island.  We could feel salt on our arms and legs from the sea spray.  We had showers and took naps then watched another movie. 

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