Saturday, May 4, 2019

April 26-27, 2019 Waiting out squalls at Little San Salvador

4-26 Friday
We had a few squalls passing through the area.  So we spent time on the boat.  I spent some time on the computer.  But the rocking and rolling caused me to have a little sea sickness.  So I had to just sit outside and enjoy the view instead.

Dave cleaned the sliding hatch in our companionway.  It had been harder to slide and leaked onto the steps when it rained.  Worked much better now.  A tread on one of our steps had come loose.  So Dave re-glued that today.  Always some little thing to do. 

4-27 Saturday
Dave and I both worked on giving Dave a haircut today.  He had been wanting one for a couple weeks.  He sat in the cockpit and used the electric raiser plugged into the Honda generator.  After removing most of the hair, I helped trim things up.  Then he used the hose from the stern shower to hose himself off and the hair in the cockpit.  We don’t do this inside because the hair will clog the pumps that take the water overboard. 

We renew our data plan tomorrow, so I spent some time posting this blog.  We also downloaded a couple movies.  After 2 weeks we “use it or lose it”.

We've also been watching movies on our laptop.  We are going through all the Marvel movies about the Avengers.  I had seen a couple here and there, but didn't get the connection between them.  I am actually enjoying them now that I see how they are connected.  And Dave is great at making popcorn on the stove top (no more microwave). 

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