Saturday, May 4, 2019

April 18-20, 2019 Rock Sound

4-18 Thursday
Joe and Erin had a 7:30 flight out of Rock Sound.  We left the boat about 6:00am for the short dinghy ride to the shore.  The tide was low which made it difficult to tie to the dock.  We went to a boat ramp, handed them their bags and pointed them in the right direction in the dark.  The airport was lit up, so no one was worried.  We always enjoy having Joe and Erin join us on our boat.  They make it fun for us and always come with good recipes. 
the moon as we were leaving our boat at 6:00am
another moon photo
Joe and Erin walking to the airport, no Uber or Lyft here

We had a well deserved lazy day.  We have had guests almost non stop since late February.  2 planned, and 2 add ons.  It has been a lot of fun, but we are looking forward to not having a schedule. 

Rock Sound’s Homecoming started tonight with music across the water.  Thank goodness for ear plugs.

4-19 Friday
We planned to stay here through the weekend so I could go to church on Easter Sunday.  We also want to make one more trip to the grocery store for fresh produce.  We plan to spend the next month in remote areas.  Today was considered a holiday, so the grocery stores were closed.  Another lazy day was meant to be.
moon rising over the Rock Sound Homecoming

4-20 Saturday
Today, we actually did some work.  I cleaned the heads.  Dave installed a new part for the water maker that Joe and Erin brought with them.  It was a pressure regulator.  The owners of the company thought this was what caused the damage to the diaphragm in the boost pump previously.  It was an awkward position for Dave to work in, but he did it.  We ran the water maker for a couple hours, as usual.  Afterwards, Dave always does a back flush to clear the lines, but the water wasn’t flowing as it should.  The pump was pulling air, not water through the hose.  He checked out the pumps and connections and found a leak in the new part he just installed.  It must have been leaking the whole time we ran the water maker.  He took the fitting with the new part out where he could see it better.  He reassembled the fitting and reinstalled it.  Worked great!  He explained that this was just part of his “do everything twice plan”. 

It was stormy today, so no trip to the grocery store.  We’ll have to stay another day to get groceries on Monday.

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