Wednesday, April 10, 2019

March 31, 2019 Dinghy repair

Dave had one day to work on the dinghy before we took the boat to the boatyard for the haul out and repair.  The best place to work on it is on the deck.  First we took the Mercury outboard off of the dinghy.  We use the winch in the cockpit to raise it and mount it on the stern.  Then he had to take the Portland Pudgy dinghy off of the deck and tie it to the port side of the boat.  Next he moved the “deflatable” dinghy to the bow.  I helped him lift it onto the deck with the winch and halyards.  Actually, I did all the work, because I was the “winch wench”.
Mercury on the stern with winch line
taking Portland Pundgy Skadoosh off of the deck

lifting dinghy onto deck
cockpit mess on project days

winch wench
After deflating the damaged tube (there are 3), he realized there was water inside the tube.  He had to maneuver the boat to drain it.  He had a partial bottle of Toobseal (more on order coming with our next guests).  The theory is to pour it inside the tube then rotate the tube to let it flow within and coat and seal it from within.  Well, a lot of the tube sealer flowed right out of the end of the dinghy and onto our deck.  GRRRRRR!  It would have to do for now.  By about 5:00, we the switched the 2 dinghies with my help on the winch.
getting the water our of the tube

pouring in the "toobseal"
sealer on the deck
maneuvering the seal within the tube
I spent the day organizing our food stores.  Had to dig into some hidey holes to replenish some things, and take stock of what we had on hand, then make a shopping list.  You can’t just run to the store if you forget something. 

We grilled chicken for dinner and for leftovers.  We made water and took over due showers.  It’s best to shower while we are making water because it refills the tank as we drain it.   We just have to remember to run the water heater first.  The Honda generator can’t do both at once. 

the sea was so calm that the reflections were awesome

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