Saturday, April 6, 2019

March 25, 2019 Pinder's ferry/taxi and dinghy repair

Dave headed to shore early this morning to look for the part to repair the through hull.  He found the part at R&B Boatyard.  We bought the paint for our hull from them a few years ago.  We were planning to buy a couple gallons from them and touch up some spots next summer.  Dave just asked if they would be able to haul us out to do the repair and touch up the paint.  They could do it next Monday to Wednesday, so we booked it. 
we couldn't drink the water at the cottage, so this was a first
In the meantime, I went to the grocery store with the golf cart to pick up fresh vegetables and fruits, milk, yogurt.  The ship from Palm Beach was delayed last week and came in Sunday.  The store isn’t open on Sunday’s, so I was happy to see that they had stocked the shelves.  Yippee!!

The caretaker for the cottage picked up Nancy at 10:30 for her to catch her 11:00 ferry/taxi to the airport.  I took the golf cart with my things and the groceries.  We met Dave at Pinder’s Market.  After saying our good-bye’s to Nancy, we loaded out dinghy and returned the cart.  What a trip of a lifetime for  all of us.  Nancy was my friend when I met Dave.  We've stayed in touch over the years, but more often since I spend time in Aberdeen, SD with my sister.  Nancy reads my blog all the time and has been living on our boat vicariously.  She loved every minute of living our adventure with us. 

Pinder's ferry to the mainland. 
Pinder's taxi
 Back at the boat, we had about 3 hours before our next guests arrived.  I can’t believe we did this to ourselves.  It all sounds fine when you are booking it. Between putting away groceries and clean laundry, I was taking messages from both Nancy and the Schneider’s.

Nancy’s flight had technical problems.  So Delta put her up in a hotel on Harbor Island, “home to the rich and famous”.  I looked up the Ramora Bay resort and the rooms were $550/night.  It was beautiful, but it came with a frog in her bathroom that landed on her as she was luckily seated.  Her dinner of lobster ravioli and water came to $59.  But she didn’t complain. 

Gene and Colleen Schneider’s plane out of Orlando was delayed.  That made them miss their connection in Miami to Spanish Wells.  Their airline put them up in Miami for the night and gave them meal vouchers.  They only planned to stay 3 nights.  Since they had insurance, they checked about extending their stay, after our invitation to do so.  They ended up getting a return flight on Saturday, making it 4 nights with us.  Which we thought would be better anyway.

Well, that gave us a night by ourselves for the first time in almost a month.  I had time to do some cleaning.  And Dave spent the day patching our dinghy. 
the through hull is in the center.  the left pipe is our shower drain, the right one is the sink drain.  They both use the same through hull to send water overboard


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