Saturday, April 6, 2019

March 24, 2019 tour of Spanish Wells

3-24 sunday
Nancy and I attended the 11:00 service at the Methodist Church (no Catholic Church here).  We loved the music and the message delivered by a visiting missionary.  Then we spent some time driving around the island taking pictures of the beautiful yards with less traffic. 
the grounds at the Methodist church
we asked a parishioner if these graves were decorated for a special holiday, like Memorial Day.  They explained that these were newer graves.  These are typical decorations.


we asked someone to take our photo by the water.  There were 3 couples that were from North Dakota.  One guy had grown up in Redfield, SD only about an hour from where I grew up. 
It was a pretty windy day, which we expected, so we went back to the cottage to finish laundry and for Nancy to pack.  Dave joined us in the late afternoon for ribs on the grill.  He had marinated and precooked them at the boat. 

Dave had been working on our forward head’s shower drain this weekend.  There had been a foul smell when we used the pump.  He found that the through hull was loose.  This is where the water from our sink and shower pump exit the boat.  He tried to tightened the nut on the piece of pipe that comes through.  It looked like it was coming off rather than tightening.  That is when he realized there was only half of the nut holding it in place.  If it moved any further, we would have had water gushing into the boat.  He put a hose clamp on the fixture to hold us over until it can be repaired.  This is something that CAN be done with the boat in the water, if you have the parts you need.  He took some measurements and will check in town in the morning. 
our street looking south

our street looking north

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