Saturday, April 27, 2019

April 9, 2019 New Dinghy and new underwater camera

We went out for breakfast today at Eagles Landing.  We like their Johnny Cake breakfast sandwiches.  While we were there, Dave received a phone call telling him our new dinghy had arrived and the person collecting the shipping fee would only be there about another 30 minutes. 
our cottage

At the dock, our dinghy was wrapped in a tarp over plastic and on a palate.  The lady handling the shipping fee said to leave the tarp and and palate because they will reuse that.  We realized we were missing a part to hold the oars onto the side.  Dave contacted the company right away.  They wanted pictures, then will send us the part. Also, this is not the UL, ultra light.  But it is great and probably sturdier. 
paying for shipping from Nassau
great friends spending their vacation helping us
that's how it arrived on a freight ship

We launched the new dinghy over the dock wall.  Dave attached it to our old dinghy and took it over to our boat.  Then the discussion began as to what to do with 3 dinghies.  I think Dave wanted to keep all 3.  But we talked to Robert at the boat yard, he said there are always people looking for dinghies and we could leave it there to sell on consignment.  Sounded good.


Joe, Erin and I went to the grocery store to prepare for leaving civilization for a few days.  Plus having the golf cart made it easier to haul the groceries.  We loaded them onto the boat while it was still in the boatyard.  While we were there, 3 people stopped to talk to us and we realized we knew one of them from St Mary’s boatyard in GA when we were there in 2016, Matt “somebody”. 

The boatyard launched our boat today.  We moved it to a mooring ball in Spanish Wells harbor.  We had the cottage for one more night because a storm was predicted for today.  Dave immediately checked to see if the through hull was leaking.  All looked good. 
the platform is lowered and the stands removed once the boat is floating

Joe, Erin and I took the dinghy out to the rocks off of the west end of Spanish Wells to snorkel.  I wanted to try out my new underwater camera that they brought from the states for me.  They actually packed a full bag of things for us this time, including the new bag that is water proof and can be a back pack.  We had a great time snorkeling.  They love to check out every detail.

Christmas tree worms

feather duster worms

I have never seen so many sea anemone clustered together


feather duster worms, they pull into a tube when they sense something close to them


bluehead surrounded by yellow and black gobies

another bluehead

squirrel fish on the left and grunts in the middle and right
 Afterwards, we went to Budda’s for their happy hour.  We also wanted to shop at their liquor store while we had the golf cart to carry things. 

Back at the cottage, Joe cooked us a pasta dish with cabbage.  We spent the evening doing the last of any laundry, packing, and just relaxing.

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