Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April 2, 2019 Happy Birthday Garrett Crawford

Happy 13th Birthday to our awesome great nephew Garrett Crawford in Aberdeen, SD!
Dave sent his a pretty funny message. 

Heidi, if you don't mind, this is for Garrett on his Birthday. Garrett- I wanted to wish you a Special Happy Birthday on your 13th birth year. Thirteen is an age that comes with a lot of responsibility which has been slowly given to you your whole life but now you are expected to understand the consequences. There are also a lot of important 'W' words that you need to embrace like: whiskers, wheels, work, worship, wardcorn, weather and windrows. I can't remember the other 'W' words(not Women or Whiskey). One more thing, I never tease the children in our family once they reach Thirteen. Ask your Mom. Your sister, though, is going to have a terrible time of it. Agin, Hippiest of Birdoos, Loof Unca Darvie. (My spell check is broken)

This was his reply:
Hey Uncle Darvie Thank you for all the unsolicited advice. See you in JuneThis is Garvet

Since Dave had to get into a storage area for the pump last night, we did a little rearranging of “stuff” before he closed things up.  We pull things out of one place and put other things away somewhere else.  It’s based on frequency of use and accessibility.  And a little bit of “why do we have that on the boat?”

We started more laundry since the new water pump was working fine.  Dave spent some more time patching the dinghy.  He keeps finding more spots and coming up with different ideas.  He found a rusty lock in the dinghy.  So he took the time to use CorrosionX on that and the clips that hold the jerry cans to the life lines.  They were getting  hard to open.  Always have to maintain things in salt water.  He also changed the impeller on the Lehr outboard that we have as a spare.  He meant to do that last year in the marina, but it was not an urgent task.  Now I think he is thinking of putting it on the Pudgy as a backup to our inflatable dinghy.  He is now referring to it as our deflatable dinghy. 


I did some cleaning and fed us today.  Made water, took showers.

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