Saturday, April 27, 2019

April 15, 2019 snorkeling Rock Sound

4-15 Monday
We anchored at the south end of the sound so we could take the dinghy to the Schooner islands, about 10 miles from our anchorage.  Part way there, we decided to turn back.  It was a little rough and slow going. 

We snorkeled the rock islands and the rock walls in the area.  We saw a school of Grey Angelfish and dolphins.  Dave and Joe found decent sized crabs along the wall.  We boiled them all right away, ate a few and saved the rest for another meal. 

We moved the boat to the west side of Rock Sound for better wind protection for the night.  We made an awesome crab dip with the rest of the crab.

these dolphins wanted to play with us

too bad lobster are out of season

this school of grey angelfish were amazing and seemed to swim along with us

the queen angels are a little more shy

I've never seen this one before

lots of minnows again

that was after we had each had a claw

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