Saturday, April 27, 2019

Apirl 7, 2019 Through hull repair and Clausen's arrive

Dave spent most of the day working on the boat.  He wanted to get the through hull replaced before our next guests arrived.  I dropped him off and took some photos of the bottom of the boat.  We still have a small leak at the shaft/skeg connection.  Dave will put more 5200 sealer on it and we’ll deal with it next fall, as long as it’s just a trickle. 
the shiny one on the right is the new through hull
old paint near the galley sink.  Robert thinks it's from dish soap.  Since the metal is now pink, it should be replaced too.  the top of the picture has the new paint already applied.  the orange area is a boat stand holding up the boat
prop and shaft exiting the skeg
joint that was fiberglassed last November
Ladder used to get onto the boat while it is on the hard
I spent the day at the cottage doing some laundry and using the wifi.  I later picked up Dave and helped him finish the through hull.  He needed me on the outside to keep the through hull from twisting as he tightened it from the inside. 
doing my part on the outside
We were back at the cottage in time to clean up and pick up our guests.  They were to arrive at 5:00pm.  About 5:15 we were thinking we should head over to Pinder’s to pick them up when we received a text that they were already there.  We thought it always took about 30 minutes, but they had gone through customs in Nassau.  Our bad. 

We stopped to check out the beach toys that go with our cottage on our way to the cottage.  Looks like we will have a fun day at the beach tomorrow.  We had all the fixings for fish tacos and gin and tonics at the cottage. 
beach toys that go with our cottage

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