Sunday, March 24, 2019

March 7, 2019 Greeen Turtle and Great Guana Cay

I was up early this morning, so I made a loaf of banana bread with our over ripe bananas.  Then we headed back to Green Turtle Cay.  We were on shore by 10:00 am.  Pretty good for us.  Dave headed to the telephone office while Alice and I strolled through the little town and did a little shopping.  The weekly supply boat came in this morning.  It was quite a production.  The custom’s office set up a table right at the dock to distribute packages.  There is usually a duty to pay for goods shipped into the country. 


Dave with our boat in the background on the left
We left the anchorage by 11:30.  We headed south and detoured towards No Name Cay to see the swimming pigs.  We decided seeing them from the boat was just fine.  Next we had to go through the Whale Cut around Whale Cay to move further south.  The Sea of Abaco is too shallow to go straight south, so boats have to go outside of the island chain onto the Atlantic and back into the Sea of Abaco.  You have to have a good weather window to do this, because the seas can be very rough and push you into the rocks.  Today was fine.  There were 4-6 ft swells, but that was similar to what we had crossing over from Florida.  At one point, the swells hit the boat from the side.  So that rocking side to side isn’t fun, but the whole trip out and in only takes about an hour.  Again, Alice did fine.

We anchored in Fisher’s Bay at Great Guana Cay.  We wanted to go to Nippers, a restaurant on the ocean side.  We usually do a beach landing here, but were surprised to see a new dinghy dock.  There was a sign saying it was only for customers of Grabbers, the restaurant on this beach.  We tied up and thought we’d have a drink and an appetizer, then move on.  Dave helped Alice climb the ladder of the dinghy dock for the first time.  The water wasn’t rough, so it went pretty good. 

We weren’t getting any service, so Dave found someone and asked if we could leave our dinghy, but come back for sunset.  They were ok with that.  We had our VHF radio with us to call for a cart from Nippers to pick us up.  A golf cart takes you several blocks into town and up the hill to the far side of the island for tips only. 
fun to see hen and chicks
We take all of our guest in the Abacos to Nippers.  It has such a beautiful view of the ocean with rocks on the beach.  We had sandwiches, took photos, played the ring toss game, then headed back via golf cart.
Beautiful view at Nippers
Goombay punch used to make a run drink

Alice trying the ring toss game

for all my dental friends

friendly driver back to the beach
We had a beautiful sunset at Grabbers.  We had drinks and Dave ordered conch fritters for Alice to try, and we felt guilty leaving the dinghy there.  None of us were hungry, but we were able to eat them all. 

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