Saturday, March 23, 2019

March 4, 2019 Grand Cay Customs

 At 10:30 we moved to Grand Cay to check in with customs and get our telephone SIM cards through the Bahamian Telephone Company, BTC.    We were anchored by 1:00 and all headed in by dinghy.  2 years ago, the customs agent met us at Rosie’s restaurant, then we had lunch there.  That was the plan again. 

When we landed, we saw a customs agent getting into a golf cart to leave.  Dave hustled in to catch her.  The electricity was off to part of the island, so Rosie’s was closed.  We all met in a Tiki Hut on shore to fill out our paper work. 
thought it was funny that we checked in with Customs at a Tiki Bar

We walked about a block inland to find a restaurant.  We found Red’s take out.  He had chicken BBQed  or plain with rice and corn.  It was delicious, fall off the bone chicken.
Red's Take Out was the only place open
cute local girl talking to us after school while we ate
the Royal Bahamian Defense Force.  I think they were also a ferry today

The electricity was off at the BTC office, too.  So we couldn’t get our phones.  No one could tell us how long it would be, so we decided to get them in Green Turtle Cay.  We wanted to anchor at a beautiful anchorage, Double Breasted Cay, but the winds weren’t in our favor.  So we moved south to a better anchorage, Allen’s-Pensacola and anchored by 10:30pm.  Alice had napped in the cockpit along the way. 

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