Saturday, March 23, 2019

March 2, 2019 Great Sale Cay play day

I was up about 2:30 am to take over my watch.  Dave laid down outside to sleep in the cockpit about 3:00.  By 6:00am, we were at the island Great Sale.  We anchored there just before sunrise.  Then we all slept until noon. 
the garmin view on my phone
the moon guiding our way
sunrise when anchoring
The customs offices aren’t open on the weekend, so we had a play day.  We decided to take the dinghy to a sandy beach.  On the way, we saw a pod of dolphins.  They were fun to watch up close.  We also saw a sting ray, barracuda and flying fish.  It was fun to get our “toes in the water and ass in the sand”.  “Life is good today” per the Zac Brown band.
raising the quarantine flag
breakfast in the cockpit with beautiful blue water

Dave wearing the "bucket of shame"

dinghy ride to find a beach

we found a beach!


We recognized the name of another boat.  I looked them up in our “boat cards” and it was a couple we had met in Florida and in Georgia at different marinas.  We took our dingy over to Nikki Wikki and talked to Terry and Jonesy for awhile.  They have spent many years in the Caribbean, but had never been to the Bahamas.  So we gave them all kinds of information.
Terry and Jonesy on Nikki Wikki

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