Monday, March 25, 2019

March 18-19, 2019 Royal Harbor storm days

Nancy and I enjoyed coffee in the cock pit this morning.  We were lucky to see dolphins playing in the water not too far from our boat.  Wait for them to show up in the video.  Nancy felt really blessed to experience that.  I made French Toast with the remaining Irish Soda Bread.  It had lots of raisons and tasted yummy.

Since we didn’t want to move the boat before the storm, I defrosted the freezer and cleaned the galley today with help from Nancy.  Her best flight arrangements overlapped with our other guests, so I told her we would have to put her to work doing some of our usual chores.  She even cleaned her own head/bathroom.
had to get a picture of that tongue going to work
Dave fixed our 12 volt outlet in the cockpit since it was rusty.  He fixed a leak in one of the 3 tubes in the dingy.  The day Nancy and I went 2 miles to the wreck, it was low.  I learned how to pump it up before we had left.  But it was much worse by the time we returned.  So time to fix it.  He discovered several craze lines in the inflatable tubes, so might be time for a new dinghy.  Bummer. 

Dave added Doel-fins to our outboard motor on the dingy to help it plane.  Afterwards, we took it for a test run.  We went over to Royal Harbor to see how many boats were anchored there to weather the storm.  There were about 8 boats there including a boat we met at Great Sale when we first arrive.  Wakatiataia (sp?) Is a catamaran with a family of 4.  We visited with them and one other Beneteau 370. 

Back at our boat, we reset the anchor for better protection from the wind.

We made it through the night just fine.  Winds weren’t bad through the night.  The sustained winds are supposed to be around 25k for a few days.  But the squalls could bring gusts to 50k with possible water spouts or tornado activity.  We just hung out all day doing odd jobs.  Nancy and I played cribbage.  
cleaning her sea shells before packing
About 6:00, a squall come through.  We had pretty heavy rain, which washes the boat nicely.  We rediscovered a leak in the main cabin from the overhead port lights.  It’s already on the to do list.  After things settled down, Nancy and I watched a movie, The Book Club, and had several laughs. 

nice heavy rain to clean the salt water off of the boat

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