Sunday, March 24, 2019

March 16, 2019 Passage from the Abacos to Eleuthera

We left our anchorage at 7:30 am for our passage to Eleuthera.  We traveled about 55nm in 8 hours.  Nancy did great!  She was amazed by the deep blue color of the deep water.  The deepest we saw was about 14,000 ft deep.  Dave always has to say “you could drown in that”.  We saw several ships once we were in the Northeast Providence Channel between the Abacos and Eleuthera.  We saw several flying fish and what we think were sharks feeding on the surface. 

Dave's entertaining Nancy during morning coffee

Dave's putting out fishing lines

Mary delivering oatmeal

Nancy's watch

zoomed in to see these 2 fish


indescribable blue

OK, these two are bored
caught a barracuda to liven things up
removing the hook and avoiding their nasty teeth
you should have seen the side of the boat
We anchored at the west end of Egg Island to spend some time on the beach.  Nancy and I saw another stingray at the beach and found lots of seashells for her grand children.  We took a dingy tour of Little Egg Island.  Nancy was able to see fish and the coral reed through the “lookie bucket”.  We also saw a large turtle on the way back to the boat, probably 3 ft diameter shell.  Fun day enjoying nature.


 Back at the boat, we decided to move the boat to the south side of Royal Island at the west end.  It will be more protected from the wind.

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