Sunday, March 24, 2019

March 11, 2019 Mermaid Reef near Marsh Harbour

We waited for high tide at noon to move the boat today.  This area is very shallow.  We headed over towards March Harbor, but anchored on the outside of the harbor.  We made fresh bread on our way over.

We anchored near a small coral reef called Mermaid Reef.  We took the dingy over to it and let Alice look over the side with the “lookie bucket”.  There were other snorkelers in the area, so we drifted and Dave swam along side moving the boat.  He also had his mask and snorkel, so he could direct the boat for Alice to see the fish.  She saw grouper, parrot fish, sargent majors, a barracuda and others, besides the coral formations.  Next best thing fo snorkeling. 


the bottom of the dinghy with the bucket out front
Alice taking over the helm
 We moved away from the reef to anchor for the night. 

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