Monday, February 11, 2019

January 6-11, 2019 Eat, drink and be Mary

Sunday Jan 6
Today I rode to Hermosa, SD, about 15 miles south of Rapid, with Marcia Deis.  They built a new Catholic Church there since I left 6 years ago.  Kathy Schulte, her husband and her daughter were singing in the choir.  I also saw Leo VanSamBeek and his wife at church.  Leo’s sister is married to our cousin, Vern Schaefer.  I knew him when I lived in Rapid, so it was nice to see him and hear more about the building of the church.  Marcia and I went to Kathy’s for lunch and played cards until about 2:30.

I was back in Rapid in time to go to Harold and Juli Doerr’s for dinner.  We talked non stop for 4 hours getting caught up on each other’s lives.  I seem to be eating non stop as I visit friends and family.

Monday Jan 7
This morning, I was in the filming of a TV commercial that will be aired in SD during the super bowl.  Devyn Killion is working at Mary’s Mountain Cookies and asked me to be in it.  I thought it was going to be strictly for the cookie store.  But we learned that it will be in a commercial for Drive Safe SD.  There were 126 highway deaths in SD last year.  They are going portray a town of 132 people in all walks of life.  Then on the second commercial, they will show the whole town wiped out as a visual of the impact of losing 126 people.  SO, my part will be pretty small.  But if you are in SD watching the game, it will air in the second quarter.  They gave me a $25 Target gift card and some cookies as a thank you.  It was kind of fun.  If you want to see the commercials, the website is 
Devyn at the cookie rack
Hank and me as the customers

Pete and I had lunch at the Gyro Hub.  They have fantastic middle eastern food.  They are new since we left Rapid.  After lunch, I visited Morgan Killion Wehrle and Kaden at their home.  I wanted some alone time with that baby.  We have known Morgan since she was born.  She is now 23, I believe, and a great mommy.
Kaden and Morgan

I drove back to Sturgis to watch the college football championship game with Janice, Toni Moore and Margaret Moore Harrell.  They finished up some of the kitchen projects before we had chili dogs for dinner.  It was fun watching the game with them, even though Alabama lost to Clemson.  It was a good game, but sad to see the season end.  Janice and I got in a few more games of Triominos.  And I spent the night there.
pregame warmup
yummy tailgate chile dogs

Tuesday Jan 8
After I bought breakfast for everyone at Burger King, I went back to Rapid City.  I had a dental appointment today at 12:30pm.  At 11:50, I remembered that I had to take an antibiotic before my dental appointment!!  I called the office and got their answering machine.  I also texted Dr. Haave.  Not hearing anything, I headed to the office early.  It was about 10 blocks away.  They were able to give me an antibiotic to take right away.  I felt really stupid, because I expected my patients to remember that when I was practicing. 
The power boxes are painted by local artists (near my old office in Rapid City)

Janice and Margaret were in Rapid running errands this afternoon.  Pete and I met them at Shooters for dinner.   I really like their chicken wings and hadn’t been there yet. 

Wednesday Jan 9
Two more meals with friends today.  I had lunch with Lisa Modrick at Harriet and Oak, a new coffee/sandwich restaurant.  We fit a lot of talking into that hour along with eating great sandwiches. 

I had dinner at the Killion’s.  Devyn cooked an awesome Korean meal for us.  She is now 20 years old and a great cook.  It was nice to visit with them and make plans for them to visit us in the Bahamas this winter or spring.  Devyn got her scuba certification when they lived in Florida.  She can’t wait to snorkel in the beautiful clear water. 
Devyn making the Korean equivalent of sushi
too beautiful to eat
her homemade kimchi
awesome dinner

Thursday Jan 10
Today I went to the monthly Zonta Club meeting.  I belonged to the club from 1989 to 2012.  It is an international service organization to promote the status of women.  I saw about a dozen women that were still members and good friends when I lived in Rapid City. 
Mary, Diane Staeffler, Andrea Hovey
Mary, Margo Tschetter Julius, Andrea Hovey

Dave’s mom, Alice, from Wisconsin, arrived in Georgia today.  She spent a week with Dave at our boat at Brunswick Landing Marina. 

Friday Jan 11
I joined my coffee girlfriends again this morning at Black Hills Bagels at 6:30am.  Connie Forstner’s son and husband stopped by to say hello on their way to their Friday morning breakfast together.  Henry is nine years old!!  Hard to believe.
Henry and Connie Forstner

Pete and I had dinner with the Killions and the Dannenbrings tonight at Jambonz.  It is a cajun based restaurant.  Fun place. 
Scott Dannenbring, Pete, Brian Killion
Jackie Killion, Mary, Marlene Dannenbring

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