Wednesday, February 13, 2019

January 26, 2019 Post Ski for Light party

The Ski for Light traditions continue in Rapid City with a margarita party.  Vern and Ella Shafer used to host this party, but they no longer live here.  So Diana and Ray Cornford have continued the tradition.  They have a big beautiful home made for parties. 
Bev, Lonny Weyer, Mary
Those that were present at the time someone thought to take a picture

Kylie Forth from Australia went to church with Beverly and I at Blessed Sacrament church.  We visited with a couple people that remembered us.  Bev used to sing in the choir, so she knew most of them.

We met ski for lighters downtown at the Firehouse Wine Cellar for drinks and a light dinner.  Pete joined us.  Then several of us went to the Speakeasy in the basement of Murphy’s.  I had the Blind Lion Whiskey Sour.  The story goes that during prohibition, people paid to enter an establishment to see the blind lion, then were served drinks.  Pete had a shot of run that was infused with smoke.  Kylie had an apple martini that was set on fire.  And when they added cinnamon, it sparkled like fireworks.  Unique drinks (and expensive). 
Kylie ordered an apple martini

the cinnamon caused it to sparkle

She thought it was pretty tasty

Pete ordered a smoke infused rum.  He thought there shouldn't have been that much smoke escaping

It really had a nice smokey flavor       

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